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BovINE webinar - Auto-feeding systems on beef farms

You are invited to join BovINE (Beef Innovation Network Europe) today, 30th May 2022 at 4pm (5pm CEST) for an online webinar on the topic: Auto-feeding systems on beef farms. Find out more about BovINE and register for the webinar here

About BovINE

BovINE (Beef Innovation Network Europe) has been established across 10 member states to focus solely on the needs of the 255,000 farms which constitute the EU bovine meat sector.

Co-ordinated by Teagasc, BovINE is an EU-funded thematic network focused on knowledge exchange to help address the challenges and drive sustainability in the European beef farming sector.

Through an open platform – the BovINE Knowledge Hub – beef farmers, advisers, researchers and industry exchange knowledge and share experiences to drive awareness of innovative and proven practices.

The BovINE project partners in Ireland are Teagasc and the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA).

Contact: maeve.henchion@teagasc.ie or richard.lynch@teagasc.ie

More information: BovINE website

Recognising the role of farmers as innovators, BovINE will draw on the reservoir of knowledge which exists at farm level on the four related key themes of:

  • socio-economic resilience
  • animal health & welfare
  • production efficiency & and meat quality
  • environmental sustainability. 

Priority Topics 2022

Each year “priority” topics for each of these themes will be identified by European beef farmers. See 2022, priority topics below.

The eight new priority topics for 2022 have been selected. Find out more about the two new priority topics in each theme

Socio-economic Resilience

  • Methods to ensure a fairer distribution of the final price along the supply/food chain
  • The use of alternative feedstuffs to reduce the high costs of raw material for feeding

Animal Health & Welfare

  • On farm health check of youngstock prior to sale/purchase including vaccination status
  • Training in animal welfare for operators/farmers (handlers, transporters and slaughterhouses) and stress-free drive systems during weighing and transport in beef cattle

Production Efficience & Meat Quality

  • Tools to evaluate the carcass and meat quality prior to and in the slaughterhouse
  • On-farm strategies to increase/improve marbling/tenderness/colour in beef meat

Environmental Sustainability

  • Tools for calculating and improving environmental sustainability on beef cattle farms
  • Methods to enhance biodiversity on beef cattle farms without the need for large investment

If any of these topics and themes interest you then you can find out more at BovINE

Join in the discussion by registering to join the webinar