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Dairy Beef WebEx Event 1 - 8th October 2020

Invitation to attend the first of two joint CAFRE/Teagasc dairy calf to beef WebEx events. Event one provides an overview of current Teagasc dairy calf to beef research and a review of CAFREs dairy calf to beef technology project including James Hendersons dairy calf to beef enterprise.

Joint CAFRE/Teagasc Dairy Calf to Beef (WebEx Event 1)

Calf Rearing Management

Thursday 8th October 2020, 7.30pm to 8.30pm


  • Graeme Campbell (Senior Beef and Sheep Technologist, CAFRE)
  • Natasha Ferguson (Beef Technologist, CAFRE);
  • James Henderson (CAFRE Technology Demonstration Farmer);
  • Alan Dillon (Drystock Specialist, Teagasc);


  •  Natasha Ferguson (Beef Technologist, CAFRE);
  • James Henderson (CAFRE Technology Demonstration Farmer);
  • Alan Dillon (Drystock Specialist, Teagasc);

 Topics include:

  • Current Teagasc research;
  • Introduction to CAFREs dairy calf to beef technology project;
  • CAFRE project update;
  • Economics of calf rearing;
  • James Henderson farm overview.

Please feel free to put questions to any of our panellists during the meeting or send them in advance to graeme.campbell@daera-ni.gov.uk.

How to join

Please note: You can join the event from 7.15pm, it will start promptly at 7.30pm.  It is advisable to download the Webex application in advance.

From your laptop or PC, please click on the Join Event button or select the URL at the time of the event.   ** You will need to replace the prepopulated joining details with your own name and email address.  The Event Password is Calf2020 

Join event

URL: https://nigov.webex.com/nigov/onstage/g.php?d=1377335582&t=a&EA=pamela.gardiner%40daera-ni.gov.uk&ET=SDJTSwAAAAQ0ASGhYQKrSBJg4mtYarwhmLMwJKOYZ8rz4Ludpe4iZg2&ETR=SDJTSwAAAATaOYVc3NkqR9VcQlwX_tvp7Dv-SfhnieVmDpKKkryD8w2&RT=MiMyMQ==&p

From your mobile phone or tablet, please download the WebEx meetings app from your app store. Guidance can be found here: https://help.webex.com/en-us/njd6v2l/Install-the-Cisco-Webex-Meetings-Mobile-App And enter the meeting number and password when prompted.

Event number (access  code): 137 733 5582      Event password: Calf2020

You can also join via your mobile or landline by dialling: 0-20-7660-8149 (UK Toll) and enter the meeting information above.

How do I ask a question?

If you have any specific questions you would like to raise, you are welcome to send these in advance by emailing them to: graeme.campbell@daera-ni.gov.uk. These can then be answered by the panel during the event.  This event is being run as a Webex Event as such you will be muted, therefore the panellists will not be able to hear participants speak during the event. Your video will not be shown.  You will be able to hear and see those speaking and will have the opportunity to ask questions via an online Q & A facility which allows you to type questions in that may be answered during the event.