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Effective Parasite Control at Housing

Martina Harrington joins Catherine Egan on this week’s Beef Edge podcast to give an overview of parasite control at housing.

Housing is one of the best times of the year for treating cattle against some of the more common internal and external parasites. 

However, products vary in price, in what they control and in how they are given to the animal.  Martina outlined what parasites should be controlled at housing.  

She highlighted that farmers need to be aware of resistance issues on farm and withdrawal periods when selecting and administering a particular product.

As fluke and lice are the two major concerns for housing on many farms, Martina discussed control options. However, dosing correctly means using the right product, at the right time, using the correct dose rate and administering it the right way.

Farmers in BEEP- S that selected action 3 to send in faecal samples to the approved laboratory must reach the lab before the 1st November to comply with this action. A list of the approved labs is available here:


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