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Is a registered farm partnership an option for me?

As the registered farm partnership deadline approaches on 11th February 2022, Teagasc Collaborative Farm specialist, Gordon Peppard, gives an insight into what you need to do to set up a farm partnership, its benefits and implications.

At this time of year farmers start considering various farming options in advance of submitting the basic payment in May. Gordon explains that Registered Farm Partnerships (RFPs) are one of a number of collaborative farm business structure arrangements that will play a key role in the improvement of the social and structural demographics of Irish farms.

Some of the current challenges facing Irish farmers are: age profile, land fragmentation, smaller farm size, financial viability, rural isolation, and farm safety. 

RFPs provide a framework where farmers can work together in a formal business arrangement, where the profits of the business are shared among the partners in that business.

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