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Newford Farm Beef Heifers Update

There were 59 beef heifers on Newford farm to be slaughtered this year and all of these heifers were sired by 5 star terminal bulls. The first 2 heifers were sold off grass with no meals fed, on the 16th of July at 17 months of age. Michael Fagan gives an update on the heifers in the herd.

The 5 star bulls used were: Fiston, Gamin, and Mullary Intrepid on the mature herd and Tow Thorpe Dubai and Elderberry Galahad were used on the first calvers.

All of the 59 yearling heifers were turned out to grass on the 23rd March at an average liveweight of 411 Kilograms. The first 2 heifers were sold off grass with no meals fed, on the 16th of July at 17 months of age. The 2 heifers graded on average U- 4 - with a kill out percentage of 54 per cent, with an average carcase weight of 280 Kgs.

Unfortunately, in late July Newford farm had an outbreak of coccidiosis and all the heifers had to be treated. Due to the withdrawal period of the drug used the sales date was pushed out till early October.  

On the 6th of October 26 heifers were drafted for slaughter with an average live weight of 563 Kg at 19 and half months of age. These heifers were 197 days at grass before slaughter and achieved an Average Daily Gain of 0.67 Kilograms at grass since turnout with no concentrates being provided. These 26 in-spec heifers graded R = 3 =, with an average carcase weight of 288 Kg and a 51 per cent kill out percentage. The factory base price on the day was €3.70 and all of the 26 in-spec heifers qualified for the extra 20 cent per kg through the Quality Assurance Scheme and 4 heifers got an extra 6 cent on the Quality Price Scheme.

The average sale price for the 26 heifers sold off grass with no meals was € 1,127 at 19 months of age

There is 22 heifers remaining at grass on the farm at the moment and these heifers are receiving 5 Kg of concentrates. The concentrates are being fed in the yard and this is working well to prevent damage to the paddocks

Iarlaith, the farm manager, will keep drafting these heifers as they come fit and the aimiis to have all these heifers sold off the farm by early November