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Newford Notes - Week of 8th February 2021

Calving is over a third of the way through at Newford Farm. Michael Fagan,Technician of the Newford Suckler Demonstration Farm in Athenry, gives an update on progress, details of calving scores, calf weights and sires used. Slurry spreading (LESS) continues while Urea will depend on soil temperature

Calving activity is in full swing at the moment on Newford Farm

  • The first cow calved on the 26th of January
  • 30 cows out of 92 in-calf animals have calved up to 11th  February
    •  With 30 live calves on the ground within 16 days (33% of the herd)
  • There has been no calving difficulty to report thus far
  • Average weight of all calves born at the moment is 38 kg
  • Calving score to-date is detailed

Selection of calves on Newford farm


Newford Farm manager Iarlaith Collins is using the “No Feed of Silage Rule” during the day. It works as follows:

  • Cows are restricted access to silage from 8am to 4.30pm daily
  • The cows have access to straw only during this time period

Iarlaith has found this method very successful and it has contributed to more efficient time management and reducing labour requirements during the night 


 Cows have access to straw only by day           Electric wire in place to keep cows back from silage by day

Grass walk

Paddocks have been walked and were identified for the spreading of slurry.

    • 2,500 gals of slurry per acre have been spread on a number of paddocks on the home farm this week.
    • Paddocks with a low grass cover received the slurry
    • The slurry was spread by the trailing shoe method


A soil thermometer is being used on the farm to record soil temperature and once the soil temperature increases above 6 degrees, the spreading of protected urea will begin on paddocks which have not received any slurry.


Rainfall Comparisons

The table below shows the rainfall to date on Newford farm

Newford Farm Video

Newford Farm has posted its latest farm video on the Teagasc Facebook page.                                           The video can be viewed here (using Google Chrome)






2020 Newford Farm performance review

  Newford farm 2020 is reviewed in this month’s Teagasc Today’s Farm or click on the link here 







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