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Recap on BDGP, BEAM, BEEP S and Dairy Calf Beef Scheme

Even though we are in between CAP programmes, farmers in the interim will continue to be supported with a rollover for BDGP 1 and BEEP-S, as well as a new Dairy Beef calf scheme. Aidan Murray Beef Specialist has a reminder of some of the key requirements for the various beef programmes here.


In BDGP 1 this year’s rollover is effectively a payment for maintaining the progress you have already made with no additional requirements as such.

So as before, tag and register all your calves;

  • Complete all cow and calf surveys
  • Genotype 60% of the reference number of animals
  • Complete your Carbon Navigator ideally before September.
  • If using a stock bull, at least one bull on the holding on the 30th June 2021 must be a genotyped 4 or 5 star on either the replacement or terminal index.
  • The eligible bull must also be >12 months old on the 30th June 2021
  • At least 80% of the AI used on participating holdings must be from 4 or 5 star bulls on either the terminal or replacement index.
  • If using both a stock bull and AI you must meet the requirements of both
  • 50% of your reference number of heifers/eligible suckler cows must be genotyped 4/5 star on 31st October 2021.
    • The females must also be:
  • Sired by a beef sire
  • Be > 16 months of age on 31st October 2021, i.e. born before the 30th of June 2020
  • They do not have to be in calf

It is important that you comply with the stockbull/AI Task and the replacement female task as failure to fulfill these tasks would rule you out of availing of another rollover in 2022.

For those of you in BDGP II (2017-2022) apart for a number of the tasks above this will be your first year to have an eligible genotyped  4/5 star stock bull or suitable sires used from AI in place by 30th June. So it is particularly important if you have bought a young stock bull this spring to make sure he is genotyped and eligible, otherwise you will be penalised.

Beef Exceptional Aid Measure (BEAM)

Those of you that received payments under BEAM in 2019 now have to comply with the 5% Organic N reduction from the reference period of 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019.

The period in which this 5% reduction was to take place was for your Organic N figures from 1st July2020 to 30th June 2021. Thankfully well over half of you will meet this June 30th deadline. For others it may take longer and DAFM have facilitated this by allowing those herds that apply online on www.agfood.ie by 21st June to defer this requirement to 31st December 2021. This will buy you extra time to meet the reduction by adjusting stock figures.

DAFM will continue to issue monthly updates online and via written letters to each participant so they can assess their position.

Deferral Option: At this stage if you feel that you may not make the June deadline you are better to opt for the deferral. If it so happens that you get the 5% reduction by the end of June then you will be notified that you have met the requirement even if you have opted to defer to December. Basically the deferral allows you to keep all your options open to hopefully avoid you having to pay back any monies received.


The 2021 BEEP S rollover has the same options as last year.

  • Weighing the cow and the unweaned calf on the same day using a registered scales and putting the weights up within 7 days on the ICBF database is the first compulsory measure and the number of eligible pairs weighed will determine payment numbers on the other measures selected. A point worth noting is that all scales will have to be re-registered again this year and this can be done on the ICBF website. All weights should be up on the ICBF database by 1st November 2021.
  • Again you can opt to select either meal feeding pre and post weaning or vaccination of weanlings. It is important here for you to keep a record of weaning dates, meal purchase dockets, vaccination dates and receipts for vaccination purchases.
  • The third optional measure is the faecal sampling of suckler cows for liverfluke. All samples should be sent to one of the DAFM approved laboratories no later than the 1st October 2021.

If you are planning to sell cows and calves as teams and have opted for meal feeding or vaccination you are better not to weigh these animals as they will not comply with either of these options and would leave you open to be penalised if selected for inspection. So you should discuss the options with your adviser.

Dairy Calf Beef Scheme

This scheme is looking to pay participants for weighing eligible dairy bred calves that have been born since 1st January 2021, are on your farm at least 10 days and are over 12 weeks at the time of weighing.

All weights must be recorded on the ICBF database by 1st November, you must weigh a minimum of 5 calves and you will get paid €20/calf on up to a maximum of 20 calves. Dairy and beef sired male calves and beef sired heifer calves from dairy calves are deemed eligible. So essentially dairy replacement heifer calves do not qualify.  

Listen to Aidan talk about these beef schemes on the recent Beef Edge podcast below:

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