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Sustainable Beef Farming in Europe – Policy and Practice

Sustainable Beef Farming in Europe – Policy and Practice

Beef industry stakeholders all over Europe are invited to attend the first trans-national meeting of BovINE – the first and only EU-funded Beef Innovation Network – to focus on improving sustainability across the sector. BovINE’s online meeting takes place on Tuesday 1st December

Transnational Meeting 1st December 2020  9.30am - 4pm

BovINE’s online meeting, Sustainable Beef Farming: Policy & Practice in the Context of the Green Deal, will focus on how sustainability can be improved within the industry by sharing research innovations and examples of on farm good practices with European stakeholders.

The event on Tuesday 1st December is organised by BovINE – the EU-funded network project focused on addressing the sustainability challenges being faced by the beef farming sector. 

The meeting will be hosted by Jerzy Wierzbicki, Chair of Polish Beef Association

The meeting will present European and Polish perspectives on the future of beef farming in Europe, and bring together – virtually - farmers, advisors, researchers, and other stakeholders from across Europe, to discuss innovative and practical solutions to current challenges faced by the beef sector.

BovINE Project Coordinator, Professor Maeve Henchion, of Teagasc assures that translation from English to Polish will be provided through the conference platform so urges anyone with an interest in the European beef industry to join in.

The BovINE project facilitates the inclusion of farmers’ solutions to the implementation of  the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy.

This meeting follows national events in nine EU member states with relevant stakeholders that have stimulated awareness of BovINE and the exchange of knowledge and ideas to drive awareness and adoption of innovative and proven practices.

The BovINE partner consortium, represents 75% of the suckler cow population in Europe and 70% of the beef production output. The BovINE network connects with farmers across Europe by providing an open platform – the BovINE Knowledge Hub – where beef farmers, advisers, member organisations and researchers can exchange knowledge on Research Innovations (RIs) and Good Practices (GPs) and share experiences.

Forty Research innovations and nine good practices will be shared during the meeting across four topics – socio-economic resilience, animal health & welfare, production efficiency and meat quality, and environmental sustainability. Each recommendation addresses specific challenges currently facing European beef farmers and includes lameness in finisher bulls, reducing mortality of new born calves, reduction of the carbon footprint of beef production, economic planning of beef cattle farms, and animal monitoring tools in beef production.

The event also includes thematic networking sessions and a virtual visit to Polish beef farms.

To view the meeting agenda click here. To register for the event please click here. For more information about BovINE visit the project website at www.bovine-eu.net