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Teagasc Green Acres Newsletter: Issue 6

This issue of the Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme e-Newsletter has an update on JP Hammersley, programme participant's farm; key management tips; a review of summer slaughter performance; and Teagasc Green Acres events. The Green Acres Calf to Beef e-Newsletter issued fortnightly.

Issue 6 - 23 September 2021

JP Hammersley, Lattin, Co. Tipperary

Meal feeding commenced for 40 of the most forward 2020-born steers in mid-August at a rate of 4kg/head/day. The plan is to move these off farm in early November after consuming approximately 340kg/head of concentrate. These animals were an average weight of 520kg in early July; if the desired levels of performance are achieved between now and slaughter, I hope they will reach an average carcass weight of 320kg at 22 months.

Read JP's farm update in full here


checklist imageKey Management Tips

  • Continue to supplement calves with concentrate feeding up until housing
  • Monitor the performance of early-maturing heifers and draft frequently
  • Move cattle frequently and use a back fence if grazing conditions become challenging
  • Extend the rotation length to 40 days from October 1
  • Monitor animals for signs of lungworm and dose if necessary
  • Complete testing of silage samples

Summer slaughter performance

A number of farmers enrolled in the Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef Programme operate systems where steers are carried and slaughtered after a relatively short third season at grass.

Click here to see how animals performed this summer

Teagasc Green Acres events

Two of the farmers enrolled in the Teagasc Green Acres Programme will host open days over the coming weeks to showcase their farming systems.

Discussions on the day will focus on the early stage management of the calf, winter weight gain and slaughter options.

When and where?

The Beef Edge podcast – Episode 86

Teagasc Green Acres dairy calf to beef programme manager, Alan Dillon joined Catherine Egan on a recent episode of The Beef Edge podcast. Alan gave an update on the programme and gave practical beef management tips for the coming weeks.

The main points of focus for farmers in the next 6-8 weeks is building grass as well as having a closing plan. Alan also outlines the important steps farmers will need to be taking in preparation for housing.

Tune in on www.teagasc.ie/thebeefedge 

The Teagasc Green Acres Calf to Beef e-Newsletter will issue fortnightly and you can read it here on Teagasc Daily.

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