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The Beef Edge Masterclass with Martin Shaughnessy

With only 20% of beef farmers using AI, suckler & sheep farmer Martin Shaughnessy from Co. Mayo joins Catherine Egan on this week’s podcast for a Beef Edge Masterclass to discuss his beef system & how he uses AI on his farm.

Martin explains that he operates a niche suckler to weanling system targeting breeding quality Belgian Blue weanlings for the export market.  He has a compact calving season calving 18 cows from January to mid-March while he also lambs 120 ewes.   

Martin uses a vasectomised bull to help with heat detecting especially as he works off farm and he discusses using AI on his farm and how he selects sires. Any cow that does not go in calf is culled he says.  

A paddock system is used on the farm which utilises grass. Martin allows the calves to creep graze in front of the cows by using a plastic horse fencing post to raise the polywire.  Martin then talks about his catchment area and how he protects it.  You can watch a video of Martin’s farm where he features as the Catchment Area farmer here (at 2mins)

For more episodes and information covered on the Beef Edge, visit the show page at: www.teagasc.ie/thebeefedge

The Beef Edge is a co-production with LastCastMedia.com.