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The January happenings on the Tipperary Dairy Calf to Beef Farm

The January happenings on the Tipperary Dairy Calf to Beef Farm

Chloe Millar writes on the happenings on the Tipperary Dairy Calf to Beef Demonstration Farm over the month of January.

On the 16th of January 2159m³ (47,500 gallons) of slurry was spread on farm using the umbilical system at a rate of11.3m³/7.68Ha (2500g/ac across 19 acres). In early January, the hedgerows of the farm bounding the roadside were trimmed.

Our opening farm cover is 531kgDM/Ha (17th January) - The closing farm cover was 466kg DM/Ha on the 20th December. We have a very low grass demand in the spring that allows us to operate at a much lower opening cover compared to other systems. Soil samples were taken on farm in early January to assess the soil status and requirements for coming grazing season.

On the 18th of January we passed our annual TB test.

On the 1st of February the farm yard manure was spread on stubble ground. We also introduced the GreenFeed machine to the weanling steers. The GreenFeed system is essentially a feed bin on a trailer that also has the capability to measure methane, hydrogen and CO2.

2022 Finishing Cattle

The below table is a summary of the animals slaughtered off farm to date.

Slaughter Steers Heifers
Animals 83 91
Kill date 20/11/2023 16/11/2023
Kill weight 575kg 515kg
Carcass weight 289kg 254kg
Kill out % 50% 49%
Carcass grade O+ O=
Carcass Fat 3= 3=
Average days onmeal 101 days 98 days
Average finishingMeal 360kg 339kg

On the 11th of January 6 steers and 6 heifers were drafted for slaughter. The steers averaged 529kg and the heifers averaged 488kg.
The below table is a breakdown of the latest slaughter.

Draft 6 Steers Heifers
Number of animals 6 6
Kill date 11/01/2024 11/01/2024
Kill weight 529 kg 488 kg
Carcass weight 264 kg 237kg
Kill out % 49% 48%
Carcass grade O+ O=
Carcass Fat 3- 3-
Average days on meal 112 days 101 days
Average finishing meal 443kg 360kg

We have 48 animals left in the shed. 36 of these are steers averaging 547kg doing 0.87/day over the last 52 days. The 12 heifers are averaging 436kg doing 0.90kg/day over the past 52 days.

2023 Weanlings

We have 70 weanlings out at grass. These are our lightest 70 weanlings averaging 234kg. Depending on the weather conditions they will be rehoused if needs be. Prior to being put out to grass - In an effort to conserve straw - we purchased woodchip to bed these on in the barn.

The remaining housed weanling steers are averaging 270kg doing 0.75kg/day over the past 57 days and the weanling heifer are averaging 251kg doing 0.80kg/day over the past 50 days.

All 2023 weanlings received a Covexin 10 annual booster in January.


The first of the 2024 born animals are expected to arrive on farm in late February.

Open Day

The first Tipperary Dairy Calf to Beef Open Day will take place on the 10th of July 2024.