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What do I need to feed my suckler cows in the coming weeks?

Do you have a spring calving suckler herd? Then you need to hear what Teagasc Nutritionist Joe Patton has to say in advance of spring calving season 2021 to find out how to manage your suckler cows' nutrition in the crucial weeks pre and post-calving.

On this week’s Teagasc Beef Edge Podcast, Joe highlights the importance of nutrition and particularly the body condition score of the cow in reducing health problems around calving.

There are countless testimonials from farmers that had issues in their herd and started feeding pre-calving minerals which solved the problem. Joe advises that every herd should be feeding a pre-calving mineral with no added Calcium, Phosphorus - depending on silage P levels - and Magnesium.

He recommends using minerals dusted on the silage. Micro minerals such as selenium, iodine & vitamins can be given as boluses or included in the mineral dust.

For more episodes and information covered on the Beef Edge, visit the show page at: www.teagasc.ie/thebeefedge