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Blight control in potatoes

Factors such the loss of key fungicides and new emerging blight variants are all challenging established blight control practices and on this week’s Tillage Edge podcast, Michael Hennessy was joined by Shay Phelan, a potato Specialist in Oak Park, to discuss blight control in potatoes.

The loss of Mancozeb as a key blight control product puts pressure on the existing products and Shay recommends growers should sit down early in the season to sequence the use of these products to ensure maximum label use is not exceeded throughout the season.  

Shay then explained that the new blight variant (37A2) now means Fluazinam (or Shirlan) cannot be relied upon to give the same level of blight protection and should only be used in mixtures with other fungicides.

He also added that the blight forecasting model used by Met Eireann is now improved following research carried out by Teagasc in Oak Park, Carlow.

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