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Crops Harvest Update from Cork and Carlow

This week, the Tillage Edge podcast gets a crops harvest update from the counties of Cork and Carlow with Phelim McDonald of Teagasc, Carlow and Elaine Clifford, Teagasc, Cork joining presenter Michael Hennessy with the latest information.

Firstly, Phelim gives an update on how the harvest is progressing so far in Carlow, explaining that there is between a third and a half of the area completed so far and yields are variable. Yields of between 2.2-4.0 tons per acre are being reported, with a big variation between fields. Fields with heavier soils, in good rotations and those which received organic manures are yielding the most. Straw yields are approximately half the normal volume.

There are a few winter oilseed crops harvested but no firm reports of yield as yet. The winter oat harvest will also begin shortly. Elaine Clifford reports from Cork that there is about 20% of the winter barley area in Cork is harvested so far. Yields are good with reports of between 3.7-4.3 tons per acre. Grain quality is good but straw yields are back considerably compared to normal. No other crops are harvested so far, with winter oilseed rape at least two weeks away and winter oats longer still as most crops are still quite green. 

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