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Disease Control in Oilseed Rape

Despite the very wet weather over the past two months, winter oilseed rape has grown strongly but these conditions are also good for foliar disease development.

Dr Stephen Kildea joins the Tillage Edge podcast this week to talk about disease levels in oilseed rape and if control is necessary.

Dr Kildea encourages all growers to walk their fields to look for Phoma and Light Leaf Spot (LLS) and recommends if LLS  is not visible to take some leaf samples put in a bag, leave in a warn environment and assess after couple of days. 

If no disease is present then there is probably no need to apply a fungicide.  

Stephen also goes through the disease threshold levels before control is necessary.

For more episodes and information from the Tillage Edge podcast go to https://www.teagasc.ie/crops/crops/the-tillage-edge-podcast/ 

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