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Don Somers Teagasc Signpost tillage farmer

Don Somers is one of the Teagasc Signpost tillage farmers and is based in Co. Wexford. Don grows a mixture of winter and spring cereals as well as winter oilseed rape and spring beans. Find out more about Don's farming practices in a short video here

Don uses organic manures and cover crops to reduce down his chemical fertiliser requirement and to improve soil structure on his farm. Don is also using precision technology on his farm to improve his accuracy of application and to reduce his impact on the environment.

Through the Signpost Programme Don hopes to measure the contribution that his farm and tillage farming can make to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions through meaures such as yield mapping and variable rates of application of fertilisers, use of organic fertiliser, cover cropping and different establishment methods.

Find out what Don has to say in this video clip below