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Improving Soil Fertility

Good productive soils are the foundation for any farming system. A primary objective for farmers is to maintain good soil fertility. Eva Hayes and Brian Clancy of Kildalton College outline the necessity for good soil fertility and give information on how this can be achieved.

Soils are the key to producing high quality crops and therefore a primary objective for farmers is to maintain good soil fertility. 

A soil test is critical to evaluate soil fertility. The Ph (lime status), potassium (K) and phosphorus (P) will be determined from the test. Ph of soil plays a major role in soil fertility and is referred to as the 'master variable'. 

Slurry is a valuable source of soil nutrients, particularly when used correctly by targeting paddocks that need it most. To minimize loss into the atmosphere and run off into water bodies it must be spread correctly and in the right conditions. It is critical to check the dry matter content as it will have an impact on the nutrients contained in the slurry. In the video Eva displays 2 slurry samples, one with 8% dry matter content and also a sample with 4% dry matter content. 

The soil index system and Liebig's law of the minimum is discussed and demonstrated by Brian

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