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Improving water quality in tillage areas with ASSAP

Decreased water quality issues are widespread across Ireland regardless of area or farming system in that area and ASSAP, the Agricultural Sustainability Support and Advice Programme, is tasked with working with farmers to help improve water quality.

On this episode of the Tillage Edge, Fiona Doolan, ASSAP advisor in Teagasc, joins Michael Hennessy to explain the programme and how the supports behind it enable a disentanglement of the source of the problem whether agricultural or non-agricultural.

Fiona also explained how nutrient leaching especially nitrates and phosphorus (as soil sediment) is the main problem in tillage areas. Fiona and her colleagues have a variety of very practical solutions which can go a long way to mitigating these challenges coming from tillage areas.  

To find out more go to: https://www.teagasc.ie/environment/water-quality/farming-for-water-quality-assap/

For more episodes and information from the Tillage Edge podcast go to: https://www.teagasc.ie/crops/crops/the-tillage-edge-podcast/