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Jim McCarthy in Romania on spring crop conditions and Ukrainian harvests

Irish farmer in Romania, Jim McCarthy, re-joins Michael Hennessy on the Tillage Edge podcast this week to discuss the continued effects of the Ukrainian conflict on the local people in Romania and also on his farm business there.

Jim first explained that his efforts in helping refugees has decreased due to the superb organisation and support coming from the Romanian government.

Jim has good information on the planting and prospects for Ukrainian harvests, with fuel a major concern for farmers, he says.

He also chats about his farm and despite the excellent planting and emerging conditions for spring crops, he fears that there may not be enough water to deliver high yielding crops.  

Jim said a good maize crop requires about 600mm of water but given the low rainfall in April and the average rainfall expected, this would only amount to 350mm of rain.  Consequently lower yields are expected.

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