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Malting Barley Series - Spring Barley T2 Application

Malting Barley Series - Spring Barley T2 Application

The objective of the final fungicide application in spring barley is to prolong green leaf area in the crop and control diseases such as Rhynchosporium & Ramularia. Eoin Lyons, Teagasc/Boortmalt Joint Programme Advisor outlines the timings and products to apply for the final fungicide.

The objective of this final spray application is to prolong green leaf area in the crop for as long as possible while controlling diseases such as Rhynchosporium and Ramularia

In relation to timing of the final spray, Teagasc research carried out over a number of years, has shown that applying the final fungicide @ GS 39-49 or awns emerging will give a significant yield increase compared to delaying final application until GS59 or head fully emerged. This crop is currently at awns emergence and will receive its final fungicide shortly

The products to use at this timing should include a mix of SDHI/Triazole chemistry at ½ to ¾ rate depending on variety and disease pressure. Such products to use include Siltra/ElatusEra/Decoy packs etc.

For Ramularia control, a multisite fungicide also needs to be included therefore apply Folpet at 1/5 l/ha for adequate control.

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