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Planting oilseed rape

Many growers are switching between harvesting and planting this month to get their winter oilseed rape planted. On The Tillage Edge, Ciaran Collins, Teagasc Tillage Specialist joins Michael Hennessy to give an insight into the advantages of getting the crop planted in August rather than September.

Ciaran points to the increased growth, giving the plant more resilience against pests early in the season, bird attacks later in the season and how the crop will take up more nitrogen allowing for saving in the spring, as all beneficial factors.

Growers should select varieties carefully, he advises, as resistance to light leaf spot is very important in the Irish climate.  The DAFM recommended list is a good place to start looking for information.  There are other sources of information especially from the UK, however, growers should look at these sources carefully as they don’t fully translate to growing conditions in Ireland.

Ciaran also points out the advantages and disadvantages of the different weed control options available to farmers.  Pre-emerge has advantages in controlling chickweed and speedwell whereas post-emergence applications are necessary for grass weed control and for some broad leaf weeds like fumitory. 

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