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Spring Malting Barley Series - Aphid Weed control

The second video in our spring malting barley series focuses on weed control and Aphid control for spring malting barley crops. Eoin Lyons Teagasc/Boortmalt Joint Programme Advisor outlines approaches that growers can take for the control of both weeds and aphids in crops.

There is a large variation in the progression of spring malting crops this year as sowing dates were varied from the beginning of March up until mid-April. The majority of crops were drilled in mid-March and these crops are now at the four leaf stage or start of tillering. The crops will now be ready for a herbicide application for weed control while some later crops will also require aphid control.

Other crops that were later sown are now approaching the two leaf stage and aphid control will be most important for these crops.

In summary:

  • Insecticides should be applied to a spring malting barley crop where the spring barley is emerging from mid-April on or in high risk scenarios.
  • For effective weed control apply the herbicide at the four leaf stage of crop growth and when the crop is actively growing.
  • Aim to try and leave 4 days of good growth post herbicide application to avoid stress on the crop.
  • Finally, assess the field and identify the target weeds that need to be killed and choose a herbicide that’s best suited for killing these weeds.

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