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Teagasc National Farm Survey 2019 Cereals Enterprise Factsheet

The 2019 National Farm Survey (NFS) recorded data on close to 900 farms. This factsheet summarises the results for the major cereal enterprises (winter wheat and spring barley) on farms within the survey and is based on the data of 80 farms

Cereal yields in 2019 were higher than in 2018 for all the major cereal crops. Cereal yields for spring barley, increased by 29%, while winter wheat yields increased by 16%. However, in addition to increases in yields, cereal prices were lower in 2019 compared to 2018, with the price received at farm gate 24% lower for spring barley and 22% lower for winter wheat. Straw receipts also decreased significantly in 2019 compared to 2018. The combined effect of the aforementioned factors resulted in a decrease in output value for both spring barley and winter wheat by 4% and 14% respectively in 2019.

View the factsheet in full here:NFS2019 Cereals Enterprise Factsheet

The grapic below gives an overview of the average performance in 2019.