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The Importance of Soil Fertility and Soil Sampling

Dr Veronica Nyham from Teagasc, Portlaoise joins Michael Hennessy on this week’s episode of The Tillage Edge Podcast to discuss important aspects of soil fertility and soil sampling.

Veronica explains that over 50% of tillage soils have low soil fertility (index 1 and 2). Where farmers are using maintenance fertiliser levels on these fields then crop yield will be penalised. 

Lime is the most import part of soil fertility and will aid or hinder the uptake of all nutrients. Due to crop yield, rainfall and chemical fertiliser input soils need about 1.5-2.5 tonnes of lime every 5 years. 

Veronica emphasises the importance of mapping fields before soil sampling to take account of soil variability. Teagasc are available to take the soil sample through our soil sampler service and then create a Nutrient Management Plan when the results are available. 

Finally, the National Crops Forum takes place on Thursday September 10th and 17th between 6.30-7.30pm on both evenings. Topics like varieties, BYDV, Green Deal and recommendations for the development of the tillage sector and more will be discussed. 

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