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Tillage Newsletter - February 2021

Get the latest information & advice from the Teagasc Crops team in this month's newsletter. It includes: Cover crops; Spring beans; Winter oilseed rape; Upcoming Teagasc events; Teagasc Tillage Podcast; and Health & safety - Review your risk assessment.

View Tillage Newsletter - February 2021 here (PDF)

In this month's edition:

  • Cover crops
    As the days get longer, many farmers begin to think and plan for the spring drilling season ahead, with crops like beans and spring wheat being the first to be drilled. However, for many, getting ready to drill means firstly dealing with the existing cover crop. 
  • Spring beans
    The area of spring beans rose significantly in 2020 due to the lower area of winter cereals planted in the autumn of 2019. While many crops performed reasonably, others performed very poorly, with some decimated by the drought in April and May.
  • Winter oilseed rape
    Most crops have grown relatively well over the winter months, however pigeon grazing is now evident in some. Efforts to limit the damage by pigeons such as scarecrows, bangers, etc., need to be stepped up in the coming weeks.
  • Upcoming Teagasc events
    Teagasc is hosting a number of webinars during February, which are well worth attending for the most up to date information.
  • Teagasc Tillage Podcast
    Our Tillage Edge podcast is again available to listen to for the latest tillage issues. You can access it on the Teagasc website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or through the QR code here.
  • Health & safety - Review your risk assessment
    February brings an increase in workload and associated risk to the farm. In 2020, 19 farm workplace deaths occurred, three in the childhood, six in the 17-64 years, and 10 in the 65 year old or higher age categories.