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Tillage Newsletter - June 2021

This month's Teagasc Crops newsletter has information on: Disease control in Spring Barley; Winter Wheat; Spring Oats and Spring wheat; Beans; Products in use up; and Health & Safety - Keep yourself and children safe.

View it here: Tillage Newsletter - June 2021 (PDF)

In this month's edition:

  • Spring barley - Disease control
    Late season disease control in spring barley is designed to control various diseases such as rynchosporium, net blotch, mildew and ramularia. All of these diseases have the potential to rob yield even at this stage. The risk of infection of rynchosporium, net blotch and mildew will largely be determined by the disease rating of each individual variety.
  • Winter wheat - Disease control
    Septoria is very visible in most crops, however, the levels are relatively low in most crops where leaf 3 and flag leaf fungicide applications were applied on time. Yellow rust has been problematic all season in susceptible varieties, particularly Bennington.
  • Spring oats - Disease control
    Mildew again will be the biggest threat especially in broken weather. Rusts and mildew require a broad-spectrum fungicide, such as Elatus Era, Decoy/Comet, etc. This should be added to the PGR at GS32-33.
  • Spring wheat - Disease control
    Mildew tends to be the biggest threat in spring wheat, while septoria is usually less of an issue than in winter wheat. Use Folpet (Arizona, etc.) 1.25-1.5L/ha plus mildewicide plus azole/SDHI mix, e.g., Ascra Expro (70-80% rate) at flag leaf fully emerged followed by a triazole mix at the final timing.
  • Beans
    Foliar diseases such as chocolate spot, downy mildew and rusts must be controlled to keep the foliage for as long as possible. All diseases develop quickly in warm humid conditions. For chocolate spot control, fungicides need to be applied before the disease develops.
  • Products in use up
    The month of June will be the last opportunity for growers to use up some popular products whose registration has expired and are now in the use-up period. For a full list of products that are due to expire in 2021, log on to the Department Of Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s PCRD website
  • HEALTH & SAFETY - Keep yourself and children safe
    Farm workplace deaths have reduced in the four months to April 2021, with two fatalities reported. It is likely that there are more persons available to assist with farm work due to the Covid-19 lockdown, which may have helped with the injury reduction. This month we include a children’s safety newsletter, Jessy's Smart Kids. Check it out here