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Tillage Newsletter - November 2021

In the November Tillage newsletter get the latest on winter cereals, BYDV, Weed control, slugs, winter oilseed rape, The Signpost Programme and IPMWorks.

Download the Tillage Newsletter - November 2021 here (PDF)

In this month's edition:

  • Winter cereals
    The area of winter cereals is expected to be near normal this year due to excellent conditions for sowing this autumn. Attention in November will turn to weed control and the prevention of barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV).
  • BYDV
    Cereal crops emerging in November are at much lower risk of BYDV than crops that emerged in October. However, the decision on whether to apply an insecticide is dependent on a number of factors. Insecticide application should be targeted so check if aphids are present in the crop.
  • Weed control
    Where a pre-emergence herbicide has not been used, apply a broad-acting herbicide at early post emergence. Herbicide selection should be based on field history, as there are very few mixes available that cover a complete range of weeds.
  • Slugs
    Monitor any later-planted crops (especially wheat) for pest attack as soils become wetter. Where you suspect slugs may be a problem lay down some traps using a plastic bag or slate with muesli underneath to attract the slugs.
  • Winter oilseed rape
    The area of winter oilseed rape has increased by an estimated 25% this season due to a combination of high forward prices and planting opportunities last August. Crops are generally more forward than normal due to above average temperatures in September, so monitoring for disease is important.
  • Signpost Programme
    Earlier this year Teagasc launched the Signpost Programme. The Programme will focus on practices to reduce emissions and nutrient losses, understand and improve soil carbon, while enhancing farm biodiversity and water quality. Signpost farmers will be supported on how to change practices to reduce emissions, while at the same time maintaining or improving profitability. Two of the six tillage farmers in the Signpost Programme are John Crowley and Tom Tierney.
  • IPMWorks
    IPMWorks is an EU-wide farm network demonstrating and promoting cost-effective integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.
    The objective of the project is to establish a number of demonstration farms or hubs, that will demonstrate and promote IPM strategies and techniques that can reduce EU farmers’ reliance on pesticides, while still maintaining pest control, crop yields and farm incomes.