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Tillage Newsletter - October 2021

This month's Tillage Newsletter includes information on: Autumn Planting; Autumn weed control; Oilseed rape; Fertiliser and grain price; and Health & Safety - Check lighting and electrical switches.

View it here: Tillage Newsletter - October 2021 (PDF)

In this month's edition:

  • Autumn Planting
    While many growers availed of the good conditions in late September to get drilling started, most crops will be drilled in the coming weeks. Attention to detail is likely to pay more dividends to growers this year than previously, as the costs of practically all inputs are on the increase. Variety choice, seed rate and sowing conditions are always important, but as costs increase, they become even more so.
  • Autumn weed control
    More and more growers are opting to use pre-emergence herbicides for their autumn weed control strategies. Apart from being more effective against weeds such as cleavers, chickweed and grass weeds, they also help to make follow-up control of difficult to control weeds such as bromes, blackgrass, etc., easier as these weeds tend to be weaker following the pre-emergence application.
  • Oilseed rape
    Seed sale figures suggest that there has been an increase in the area of oilseed rape planted this year, with much of it planted early and in ideal conditions. Diseases such as light leaf spot (LLS) and phoma leaf spot are likely to be more problematic this year than in 2020.
  • Fertiliser and grain price
    There has been plenty of talk in recent weeks about the price of fertiliser, which has in some cases increased by over 50% from last spring. While there are still options to forward purchase, it is difficult to know if there is value to be had this year. 
  • Health & Safety - Check lighting and electrical switches
    The clocks go back on Sunday, October 31, which brings shorter daylight time. In advance of this check your farmyard lighting. Bulbs may need replacing and fluorescent covers may need cleaning to maximise light output. To prevent trips and falls, make sure that all walkways are well lit and free of trip hazards.