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Tillage Update - 5th February

The forecast is for very cold weather next week so this will keep soil temperatures low, stopping any chance of growth for a few weeks at least. However, Michael Hennessy, Teagasc Head of Crops, suggests that it is a great time to get out and follow the water flow on your farm to identify problems

Identifying drainage issues

It’s the time of year where the soils are probably at its wettest (hopefully) and the soil temperature is low. There are relatively few jobs which can be completed on the land at the moment.  Certainly any type of soil cultivation is out of the question however it’s a great time to get out and follow the water flow on your farm.  Its easy to see where water is ponding in fields.  Is there a drain blocked? Is there a need for some extra drainage?  Perhaps track down the outlet going to the edge of the field.  Is the outlet free from blockages and is the water flowing freely?  Its surprising what can be achieved with a hand shovel to relieve a small blockage but safety should be observed at all times, especially when working around flowing water or deep dykes.  

Put a plan in place, where you can use spare Department of Agriculture (BPS) maps or perhaps you have existing land drainage maps, to sketch out where water is lying, identify the closest drain and sketch in where work is needed this summer.

Upcoming Tillage Events

Don’t forget the Teagasc Winter Crop agronomy webinar next Tuesday February 9th at 11.30am and the next part of the National Tillage Conference on Wednesday, February 17th at 11.30am.  View more on https://www.teagasc.ie/tillagemonth/

Tillage Edge Podcast

Tillage farmers were always likely to be the least affected whether there was a Brexit agreement or not according to Fiona Thorne, an economist in Teagasc.  However, areas such as goods stuck in the supply chain and registrations of plant protection products may be affected and this could become apparent in the coming months.  The latest Tillage Edge podcast discusses these topics and details around seed potatoes, tractor imports and more go. Listen to it here.

 For more episodes and information from the Tillage Edge podcast go to: teagasc.ie/thetillageedge