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Weed control in winter cereals

Weed control in winter cereals is the topic covered on this week’s Tillage Edge podcast, with Martin Bourke and Jimmy Staples joining Michael Hennessy to discuss in more detail.

Martin, a Teagasc advisor from Wicklow, discussed the advantages of selecting a pre-emergence or post emergence herbicide options.  Martin outlined knowing the field history is extremely important to selecting the best pre-emergence herbicide but also pointed out that a follow up post emergence clean up herbicide treatment is needed. 

He also explained this gives the farmer a chance to use herbicides with alternative modes of action which will help to reduce the chances of herbicide resistance developing in the field.

Jimmy Staples, from the Teagasc ECT project, discussed controlling grass weeds in winter cereals.  Jimmy agreed that pre-emergence herbicides work well in most situations, however, he pointed out there are more options for wheat than barley.  Jimmy also warns farmers about blackgrass control on farm.  

 For more episodes and information from the Tillage Edge podcast go to www.teagasc.ie/thetillageedge