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What’s behind the cost of certified seed?

The majority of seed sown on tillage farms every year is Department of Agriculture certified seed and on this week’s Tillage Edge podcast it’s part two of the seed story that tracks the seeds journey from the seed growers field through the seed assembler to the final customer.

Gerry Lohan, from the Seed Inspection Division of the Department of Agriculture, outlines the checks made by inspectors and laboratory tests carried out to ensure the quality is maintained. Gerry describes the zero tolerance for wild oats, bromes and blackgrass that are an integral part of the process.

Tim O’Donovan, Seedtech, describes the checks and balances carried out on seed as it goes through the seed assembly plant and also the decision matrix to decide on the most appropriate seed dressing for seed before it reaches the final customer.

For more on combinable seed production visit the Department of Agriculture website here: Guide to seed certification combinable crops  

For more episodes and information from the Tillage Edge podcast go to: www.teagasc.ie/thetillageedge

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