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Achieving high conception rates using sexed semen

Stephen Butler, reproductive physiology specialist at Teagasc joins Emma-Louise Coffey to discuss the potential that sexed semen can play to maximise the number of replacements born early in the calving season and increase the economic value of non-replacement dairy stock to be sold off the farm.

Stephen identifies high EBI cows that are calved greater than 50 days, are cycling regularly, have good BCS and have had no metabolic diseases post calving as appropriate for selection for breeding to sexed semen.

He explains that the day of insemination is crucial to achieving high conception rates from sexed semen. The sexing process is a damaging process and therefore, the viability of the semen is lower compared to conventional semen.

As a result Stephen recommends that a clear plan is put in place to ensure the timing of AI, thawing procedure and the length of time from thawing to insemination is followed correctly.

More information is available in the dairy breeding and genetics section of the webiste here 

See also Guidelines for Sexed Semen Usage in Dairy Herds (PDF)

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