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Are you On Feirm Ground? Maintaining resilience in an ever changing dairy sector

Conor Hammersley, PhD Walsh Scholar at Teagasc and the National Centre for Men’s Health Ireland joins Emma-Louise Coffey on this week’s Dairy Edge podcast to discuss the common stressors experienced by Irish dairy farmers and the proactive steps they can take to maintain resilience

Conor explains that relative to other occupations, farmers experience higher levels of adverse health outcomes, be it cancers, heart disease or mental health and suggests in many cases personal health is only addressed when farmers reach crisis point.

Key stressors for Irish farmers include the changing goal posts in relation to compliance and market demands, and specific to dairy, expansion of dairy herds.

Conor suggests some key strategies for farmers to remain resilient including: appreciation of farmers contribution to society (by the general public), acknowledging the challenges you encounter on the farm, seeking help from your GP, family, other farmers or ag advisor and taking some time to get away from the farm.

For more information: “It’s like admitting you are a failure”: Male farmer mental health help-seeking limited by Masculinity and Identity

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