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For the past four days Animal Health Ireland (AHI) and Teagasc ran their joint annual series of CalfCare events. This time, going virtual and covering a wider range of topics relating to calf health. The events included a combination of webinars, videos and podcasts as outlined here (Day 1 below)


Day 1: This is the first in a series covering the content from each of the four days of CalfCare events.

Calf Housing and Preparing for the Calving Season Webinar

On Monday 18 January, a live interactive webinar took place where the focus was on calf housing and preparing for the calving season. Questions from attendees were answered by a panel of speakers from AHI and Teagasc experienced in the area of calf health in the live webinar at 7.30pm.

Watch Webinar Recording here:

Calving is a stressful time for both the farmer and the animal. To try reduce this stress and ensure a successful calving period we must be prepared. Watch this short clip below - Preparing for the calving season  - to ensure you are prepared for this calving season. 


In this short clip below on Good Calf Housing, Gordon Peppard runs through what you should have in a good calf housing facility such as a clean dry, draught free well ventilated house with access to milk replacer, concentrate feeding, straw and water.


Articles to follow include:

  • Day 2: Tuesday, 19 January - 1,2,3 of colostrum management, colostrum quality and managing Johne’s disease at calving - Videos & Podcast
  • Day 3: Wednesday, 20 January  - Vaccination of the pregnant cow and common diseases of the young calf  - Webinar
  • Day 4: Thursday, 21 January - Guidelines for Calf Feeding - Videos & Podcast 

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