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In the past week Animal Health Ireland (AHI) and Teagasc ran their joint annual series of CalfCare events. This time, going virtual and covering a wider range of topics relating to calf health. The events included a combination of webinars, videos and podcasts as outlined here (Day 2 below)


Day 2: This is the second in a series covering the content from each of the four days of CalfCare events.

1,2,3 of Colostrum Management, Colostrum Quality & Johnes Disease

On Tuesday 19 January, an array of video clips were released along with the Dairy Edge podcast on the 1,2,3 of colostrum management, colostrum quality and managing Johne’s disease at calving. 

123 of Colostrum Management

Calves are born without antibodies. They depend on the absorption of antibodies from colostrum which protects the calf until their own immunity at 3 to 4 weeks of age. The correct amount of high quality colostrum is vital for healthy calves.

Testing and Assessing Colostrum Quality

The quality of colostrum refers to the quantity of antibodies that colostrum contains. The more antibodies the colostrum the contains, the higher the quality. What are these antibodies? Muireann Conneely, Teagasc runs through the process of testing and accessing colostrum quality in this short clip


Johne's disease

Johne's disease is a bacterial disease of cattle and other ruminants for which there is no cure. Watch this short clip to find out how best to minimise the risk of Johne's disease at calving

On this episode of The Dairy Edge, Michelle McGrath from Animal Health Ireland explained how calves are born with no immunity and rely on colostrum to protect them against disease in the first weeks of life until they establish their own immunity.  

Articles to follow include:

  • Day 3: Wednesday, 20 January  - Vaccination of the pregnant cow and common diseases of the young calf  - Webinar
  • Day 4: Thursday, 21 January - Guidelines for Calf Feeding - Videos & Podcast 

Day 1: Calf Housing and Preparing for the Calving Season Webinar can be found here

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