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In the past week Animal Health Ireland (AHI) and Teagasc ran their joint annual series of CalfCare events. This time, going virtual and covering a wider range of topics relating to calf health. The events included a combination of webinars, videos and podcasts as outlined here (Day 3 below)

Day 3: This is the third in a series covering the content from each of the four days of CalfCare events.

Vaccination of the Pregnant Cow and Common Diseases of the Young Calf

On Wednesday 20 January, a live interactive webinar took place with Teagasc and AHI where the focus was on the vaccination of the pregnant cow, common diseases of the young calf and treating scour. Three short videos on these topics were also produced.

Watch Webinar Recording here:

Vaccinating the Pregnant Cow prior to Calving

Calves are born without any protective immunity and only receive protection once they absorb antibodies from colostrum. In this short clip, find out about the importance of calves receiving adequate colostrum intake as soon after birth as possible and how the quality of colostrum can be improved


Control of Common Calf Diseases

Calf health and heifer rearing is an important part of any production system and having to treat sick calves is stressful. Find out more in this short clip with Catherine McAloon, UCD

Treatment of the Scouring Calf

Careful treatment of the scouring calf is vital to ensure a rapid recovery. The 3 principles which are Remove, Rehydrate and Continue to feed milk is vital to ensure a rapid recovery.


Articles to follow include:

  • Day 3: Wednesday, 20 January  - Vaccination of the pregnant cow and common diseases of the young calf  - Webinar
  • Day 4: Thursday, 21 January - Guidelines for Calf Feeding - Videos & Podcast 

Day 1: Calf Housing and Preparing for the Calving Season Webinar can be found here

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