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Clonakilty Agricultural College April Dairy Update

James Daunt, Dairy teacher at Clonakilty Agricultural College provides an April update on Dairying at the College. He talks about the 2021 breeding season, current milk results, grassland management, fertiliser and clover over-sowing, in a short video here

Breeding season 2021

The breeding season started on the 22nd April for both Maiden heifers and Dairy cows. Maiden heifers were synchronised on the 14th April and served to a fixed time AI on the 22nd April. They will be served with either sexed Holstein Friesian or sexed Jersey semen.

Dairy cows will be bred to Holstein Friesians, and any Jersey semen used will be sexed. Calving has been fully completed, and any surplus cows have been sold.

Current Milk results

  • Cows are producing approximately 27.5 litres per cow
  • Butterfat 4.27%
  • Protein 3.58%
  • SCC 76,000
  • TBC 5,000

Grassland Management

Growth has been 54 kg/Dm/ha per day, with demand for grass at 55 kg/Dm/ha. Average farm cover on the trial groups is 646kg Dm/ha, and the general group is 901 kg Dm/ha. Concentrate will be reduced next week with anticipated higher grass growth rates.

Fertiliser and clover over sowing

Grass is getting 67kg of 38-0-0-7, Protected Urea plus Sulphur. Dirty water is also being spread on certain paddocks, and we are over-sowing paddocks with Un-pelleted clover seed, which is being sown at 5kg per hectare. Paddocks will be burnt off too for reseeding.

Look out for our next update coming soon.

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