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Clonakilty Agricultural College Dairy Update October/November 2021

James Daunt, Dairy teacher, provides the October/November update on Dairying at Clonakilty Agricultural College. He outlines the milk results for November, details of the grassland situation on the farm and the drying off process being used, which is expected to be complete by 10th December.

Current milk results (Nov)

We currently have 88 cows still milking and they are currently producing 14.5 litres per cow per day

  • Butterfat    5.35%
  • Protein       4.21%
  • SCC        144,000 
  • TBC           33,000

Total bacteria count was quite high but we have found the issue and resolved it.   The milking cows are being fed 4 kg of concentrate and 12kg of Silage.

Grassland Situation

At the end of October 71% of the farm was closed off for grazing and the farm was fully closed off on the 21st November.  Our closing cover on the farm was 650 kg DM/ha, one last grass walk will be done on the 1st December and we expect farm cover will be at 700kg DM/ha.

Drying Off Cows

  • We started drying cows off in early November and the herd will be fully dried off by the 10th December.
  • The college is part of a dry cow therapy trial where a new product is being tested which should help the cow’s mammary gland recover after the lactation
  • Approximately 40% of the herd will be getting selective dry cow therapy, this is where the animal gets no antibiotic at drying off and only gets a teat sealer
  • As always our 1st year students were actively involved in the drying off in the college.

Thank you for tuning in for this update and watch out for our summary of the year video in December. 

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