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Clonakilty Agricultural College February Dairy Update

James Daunt, Dairy teacher at Clonakilty Agricultural College provides a January - February update on Dairying at the College. He talks about the 2021 Calving season, Co-op results and spring grazing and nutrient application in a short video here

Calving season 2021

The calving season started on Saturday 23rd January, and  since then we currently have 135 cows calved on the farm up to mid-February. We even had one cow from the sexed  semen trial who had triplet Friesian heifer calves. The chances of having three heifers’ calves from one cow are 1 in a 100,000.  Mother and daughters are very healthy, thankfully. We have continued to give cows over 4th lactation a calcium bolus after calving to avoid milk fever issues, and we’ve had no case of milk fever, and stock have been very healthy.

Current co-op results

The first collection of milk was sent away on Tuesday the 2nd February, and the Mid-February co-op results are as follows

  • Butterfat 4.36%
  • Protein 3.50%
  • Lactose 4.64%
  • SCC 160,000
  • TBC 9,000

Spring grazing and nutrient application

So far, 20% of the grazing area has had slurry applied by means of the low emission slurry spreading method and protected urea was spread on one third of the farm at a rate of 29kg per hectare, which is the same as 23 units per acre. Growth has been 22 Kg/Dm/Ha per day currently, and it was even as low as 4 kg/DM/Ha in January.

The current farm cover is 994 kg/Dm/Ha, and we had 14% of the farm grazed by mid February; this is slightly behind schedule. We have had 139mm of rainfall for the whole month of January.

Look out for our next update coming soon.

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