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Clonakilty Agricultural College March Dairy Update

James Daunt, Dairy teacher at Clonakilty Agricultural College provides a March update on Dairying at the College. He talks about dealing with difficult grazing in March, coming to the end of the first grazing rotation, and has details of protected urea & slurry spread and more in a short video here

Calving season 2021

The calving season started on Saturday 23rd January, and  since then we currently have 203 cows calved on the farm up to mid-March (in the first 8 weeks of calving) with 20 cows left to calve on 18th March. All cows are expected to be calved by the 10th April.

Current co-op results

The first collection of milk was sent away on Tuesday the 2nd February. The cows are producing 25 litres milk/cow on average. The Mid-March co-op results are as follows:

  • Butterfat 4.53%
  • Protein 3.4%
  • Lactose 4.98%
  • SCC 162,000
  • TBC 4,000

Spring grazing and nutrient application

Cows are out grazing day and night and on/off grazing was practiced during the difficult weather in early March. 75% of the farm had received 43 kgs/ha of protected urea by mid March. In total, 80kg N/ha has been spread on the whole farm to date between protected urea and low emission slurry spreading (LESS).

The current farm cover is 850 kg/DM/Ha, and we had 55% of the farm grazed by mid March, aiming to reach 70% grazed by 22nd March. The second rotation is planned to start on 8th April. Growth has been 21 Kg/DM/Ha per day currently.

Look out for our next update coming soon.

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