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Clonakilty Dairy Farm Update - September 2021

James Daunt, Dairy teacher, provides the September update on Dairying at Clonakilty Agricultural College. He talks about dairy cow scanning results, September Milk production figures and paddock closing in a short video here

Cows were scanned early September and 92.5% were in calf. 75% of the cows are expected to calf by mid March 2022. Breeding was from late April to early July.

Current milk results (Sept)

  • Cows are producing approximately 21.8 litres per cow
  • Butterfat    5.32%
  • Protein      4.37%
  • SCC        132,000
  • TBC         10,000

Grassland Situation

Grass Growth was 30 kg/DM/Ha, with demand now at 44 kg/Dm/Ha. The average farm cover is at 1,085 kg/DM/Ha. Closing paddocks from 1st October and the target is to have 65% of the farm closed by 1st November.

Look out for our Colleges next update.

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