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Dairy Newsletter - July 2022

Get the latest information & advice from the Teagasc Dairy team in this month's newsletter. It includes: Grazing targets for July; Breeding better beef from the dairy herd; Change your liners often and Flexible hours of work; Health & Safety - The most dangerous month

View Dairy Newsletter - July 2022 here (PDF)

In this month's edition:

  • Grazing targets for July
    Regardless of soil type and level of rainfall, the key objective over the coming weeks will be to maintain an adequate supply of high quality grass. Where grass growth is adequate (about 65kg DM/ha/day – view www.pbi.ie or the Grass10 newsletter for growth rates) a 20-day rotation and grazing 1,400kg DM/ha will be the target. It will also keep the sward at the right stage of growth.
  • Breeding better beef from the dairy herd
    With most dairy herds finished breeding dairy replacements at this stage, farmers are typically breeding the remaining cows to beef AI or beef stock bulls. As the breeding season enters its final few weeks, gestation length and ease of calving become increasingly important.
  • Change your liners often
    The milk liner is the only part of the milking machine that comes into direct contact with the cow, so their condition is critical for mastitis control and efficient milking. Over time, worn liners reduce milking performance, decrease the speed and completeness of milking, and increase teat end damage and the spread of mastitis bacteria.
  • Flexible hours of work
    Workload and finding people to work on dairy farms are currently challenges for many farmers. Farmers are wondering what can be done to reduce these challenges. To answer this question we need to know what employees actually want from employment and then determine if dairy farms can meet these needs.
  • Health & Safety - The most dangerous month
    July is the month with highest levels of farm workplace deaths based on past records. Let us change this trend in 2022. Children on the farm, long working hours and managing tractors and machinery and are particular safety concerns during July. It is important to be vigilant and carry out tasks with safety in mind.

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