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Dairy Newsletter - June 2021

This month's Dairy Newsletter includes information on: A unit a day is OK!; White clover incorporation in pasture; A liner change is due shortly; Moving to beef AI; Managing replacement heifer weanlings; Health & Safety - Keep yourself and children safe; and National Quality Milk Virtual Farm Walk.

View it here: Dairy Newsletter - June 2021 (PDF)

In this month's edition:

  • A unit a day is OK!
    In mid-season, the crude protein content of grass ranges from 17-22%. Basic chemistry tells us that the nitrogen (N) content of grass will average approximately 3.2% N during this time, as the protein content of grass (20%) divided by 6.25 gives the percentage N content of the grass. Using this figure we can calculate the amount of N that will be needed to grow a given amount of grass.
  • White clover incorporation in pasture 
    The benefits of increasing the content of white clover in dairy pastures for animal and sward are well understood. The cow eats more and produces more while the sward can yield the same with less fertiliser N.
  • A liner change is due shortly
    Liners are the only piece of the milking machine that comes into direct contact with the cow. They are made from complex material and have a limited useful life. The majority of rubber liners are expected to last for 2,000 milkings or six months, whichever comes first.
  • Moving to beef AI
    Before any consideration is given to finishing artificial insemination (AI), consider how many empty cows you have left, and how many mature stock bulls you have. You need one mature bull for every 15-20 empty cows.
  • HEALTH & SAFETY - Keep yourself and children safe
    Farm workplace deaths have reduced in the four months to April 2021, with two fatalities reported. It is likely that there are more persons available to assist with farm work due to the Covid-19 lockdown, which may have helped with the injury reduction. This month we include a children’s safety newsletter, Jessy's Smart Kids. Check it out here