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Good animal health for optimal farm productivity

Department of Agriculture vets Damien Barrett and Caroline Garvan join Emma-Louise Coffey on this week’s episode of The Dairy Edge podcast to discuss the correlation between good animal health and farm productivity.

Damien highlights the importance of optimal animal health from birth, explaining that an incidence of pneumonia can increase calving interval in later life by up to 12% and an incidence of scour is linked to lower milk production.

Furthermore, Damien recommends that farmers weigh young stock regularly to ensure heifers reach weight targets in order to calve timely at 24 months of age.

Caroline focuses on the ‘one health’ concept referring to the critical issue of antimicrobial resistance among animal and human populations.

Caroline explains the cyclical effect of antibiotic usage, where an animal is treated with an antibiotic, 60% is excreted into the environment which gives rise antibiotic exposure to more animals driving the development of resistance.

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