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How will the new Nitrates policy impact your farm business?

On Day 2 of Moorepark Open Day, Jack Nolan, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine joins Emma-Louise Coffey on the Dairy Edge to explain the measures proposed for the new Nitrates Derogation and challenges for farmers and industry as to how they can minimise negative environmental impacts

Jack estimates that 85% of nutrient loss into water comes from agriculture and expects measures such as a 10-15% in chemical N allowance and the extension of the closed period from mid-September will reduce nutrient leaching to water courses.

He recommends that farmers turn their efforts to optimising soil fertility, targeted use of slurry to the open slurry spreading period and where conditions allow, use of LESS, the inclusion of white clover, as areas that will help farmers maintain grassland productivity whilst applying lower levels of chemical N.

Jack urges both farmers and industry stakeholders to work collectively in a responsible manner and to ask the question ‘can we do better?’ when it comes to farming sustainably.

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