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Milk residues and how to avoid them

Terry McElvaney, Veterinary Inspector at the Veterinary Medicines, Antimicrobial Resistance, By-products and TSE Division, joins Stuart Childs on this week’s Dairy Edge podcast to discuss residues in milk.

Terry first explains the role of the division and how it is important in facilitating trade. Terry says that the division tests 15,000 samples annually and carries out 70,000 tests on these samples for many different types of residues. This occurs in order to report to the EU on our compliance with the regulations around the use of veterinary products in animals that go into the food chain.

He says that while a miniscule percentage of samples test positive each year, this year there has been an increase in the positives associated with Ivermectin and Levamisole, active ingredients in wormers and flukicides.

Terry advises farmers to test before treating and to ensure the right product is used at the right rate at the right time. Observing withdrawals is important and people need to carefully record dates of administration to ensure those withdrawals are observed. Terry also warns people that stock will often calve ahead of time and, when that does happen, the withdrawal period still needs to be observed.

He finishes by recommending people to avoid unnecessary use of any veterinary medicinal products when possible and where they have to be used, to get good advice on the product to use.    

Listen in below:

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