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Organic Dairy Farming - Batt Sheehan

Organic Dairy Farming - Batt Sheehan

Organic Dairy farmer Batt Sheehan farms in Ballynoe, Co. Cork. Batt gives an insight into organic dairy farming and outlines the main challenges he finds with organic farming.

In this video Batt gives an insight into his farm and farming system. Batt outlines that the main benefits of organic farming are that the cows are healthier and that he doesn’t use artificial sprays or fertilisers. Some good managers can make organic dairy farming very profitable, it's important to find your market first and trace it back. Some of the main challenges are growing enough grass and producing enough fodder for the Winter.

Batt gives an insight into how The Little Milk Company has progressed over the years and what they hope to achieve in terms of milk price.

Organic Dairy Farming

Organic dairying is a relatively small but growing sector within the dairy industry in Ireland. Latest figures from DAFM show that there are 62 organic dairy operators with an average herd size of 79 cows (2019). Dan Clavin, Teagasc Organic Specialist gives us an insight into the organic dairy sector in Ireland and outlines the various conditions of organic farming. View it here