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Pre-calving checklist for Spring 2022

Now is the time to start thinking about Spring 2022. How can it be made easier than last Spring? Here, Martina Gormley, Teagasc Dairy Specialist talks about work organisation and having a checklist in place for pre-calving tasks and supplies. You can download your checklist here

For many this will be a combination of getting extra help in, continuous improvement of farm facilities and a herd health plan. Work organisation is also an area that can make spring time more manageable. The term work organisation may not sound appealing but for many it’s having all dairy supplies to hand, in the right place and in good working order. Along with this having accounts done, contractor and staff organised are often identified as key areas to have organised before the cows start calving.

As there is so many jobs to be done on the farm it is almost impossible to remember everything. Figure 1 below outlines the majority of tasks that need to be done prior to calving and supplies that need to be on hand.

Download Teagasc Dairy Checklist for pre-calving tasks and supplies MGormley here as a pdf

   Figure 1: Checklist for pre-calving tasks and supplies


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