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Taking control of SCC in the early stages of lactation

Don Crowley, Teagasc Milk Quality Specialist, joins Stuart Childs on this week’s episode of the Dairy Edge to talk about how to take control of SCC in the early stages of lactation.

Don first outlines the importance of a fresh cow group to manage the transition to the main milking group, which is a key step to set cows up for the year ahead. 

This fresh cow group will allow added attention to be given to both cubicles and the cows themselves in terms of preparation and observation of milking. 

Don also advocates using the Californian Milk Test (CMT) on all cows immediately prior to allowing their milk into the bulk tank. This step will allow for early identification of sub-clinical mastitis and facilitates appropriate early intervention to control the infection. This process will cost time at what is a busy time of year already, but it is time well worth investing and will set your cows up for their full lactation.

Listen in below:

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