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Taking the opportunity to reseed on Teagasc/Tirlán Future farms

Taking the opportunity to reseed on Teagasc/Tirlán Future farms

Sandra Hayes, co-ordinator of the Teagasc/Tirlán Future Farm Programme, outlines the progress farmers are making with grazing and reseeding in the most recent Teagasc/Tirlan Future Farm Update.

With a rise in growth rates last week, a lot of the monitor farmers have taken the opportunity to reseed, incorporate clover and take out some surplus grass paddocks for bales. Some of the farmers are also measuring grass twice per week and this is leading to some variability in growth rates - typically one high and one low measurement.

Many of the farmers have 10% of the milking platform out for reseeding at the moment, with a lot of grass and clover seed set over the last couple of days. May is the month to capitalise on reseeding due to growth rates; reseeds also have the best chance of a quick turnaround back into grazing at this time of year.

Reseeding in Cork

In the below video, Teagasc/Tirlán Signpost Future Farmer Jack Kearney, Rathcormack, Co. Cork, outlines how he incorporates white clover into his farm by reseeding at least 10% per year. This reseeding programme ensures that Jack increases the percentage of clover on the farm, with the aim of reducing chemical fertiliser.

Jack hopes that this 5ha reseeded will increase the clover content already present on the milking platform. The seed mixture contained 2kg of white clover – Chieftain and Crusader and high-performing perennial ryegrass varieties. We scored the other paddocks on Tuesday and 14% are a high score, with 28% medium and 22% low.

They will start reducing chemical nitrogen on these high and medium paddocks from May onwards. They are feeding 5-6kg meal. With the reseeded area out, demand is high and - up to last week - grass was tight. It is a short-term solution for long-term gain.

 Table 1: Grassland performance on the Teagasc/Tirlán Future Farms (5th May 2023)

FarmerMeal (kg)Average Farm CoverCover/LUDemand/haGrowth/ha
Donal Kavanagh (winter milk) 4 754 187 57 63
Francis Nolan 4 779 198 56 60
Jack Kearney 6 619 158 51 97
John Ryan 3 794 178 67 64
Kevin Murphy 4 705 172 64 64
Mullen Farm (winter milk) 4.5 717 250 52 57
Shane Fitzgerald 2.5 963 200 77 92
Shay Ryan 4 537 110 78 47
Steven Fitzgerald 3 754 170 54 71
Tom Fennelly 1.6 730 184 67 93
Average 4 735 181 62 62

 For more information on the Teagasc/Tirlán Future Farm Programme, click here.

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